Monday, November 30, 2015

Phew! It's over.

And I'm really happy to still be here at the other side. This is the last post for the NaBloPoMo.

At one point, I thought I wouldn't make it. If the April challenge taught me that I could always make some time for myself everyday if I wanted to, the November challenge taught me a totally different lesson. It taught me that if you try hard to cram everything into your day, you'll get super exhausted and end up not enjoying anything. Well, long story short, I enjoyed some parts of it but I'm also exhausted.

This month was when the in-laws were visiting and I thought this meant more time for 'me-time' but I was wrong. I discounted the fact that we would have to spend family-time too. Work was more intense, challenging in a good way but also tiring. And yes, there was also the house hunting which I mentioned every now and then. And the worst thing was that sometimes, at 11:30 pm, I would have no clue what to blog about and I would be too tired to care. So, I'd end up writing a lot of half-assed posts. The April challenge was easier because there was at least a letter to lead the way. The next time if I do this, I'll pick a theme and go with it.

 So yes, I'm relieved that it's over. How did you fare?

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