Friday, April 1, 2016

A: And here we go again!

Yesss, it is that time of the year again when some of us go clapping our hands in glee over taking up yet another blogging challenge. Foolish  because of all the constraints and yet, I have begun to enjoy these blogathons. I’ve mentioned it time and again about why like doing them. When I looked at my blog, I realised the last post was in November when I did the NoBloPoMo. And I thought it's another reason why I should continue to do these (to keep my blog from dying of neglect).

A lot has happened since I last posted. Some major events included Pickles turning two, new responsibilities at work and our big move to a new home, not really in that order. Also, Pickles and I are all set to go to India. In fact, we will be spending most of this April in India. So, you might see me posting a lot of our travel stories. It will be a good way to chronicle Pickles’ trip to India. It’s not his first but I think this will be the one when he is more aware of what is happening around him and will be able to enjoy things more than he did on his first trip when he was 10 months old

So, I have been telling Pickles all about our trip, about what we’ll do and who we’ll see. He’s been very excited to go to ‘Inya’ to mamama’s (grandma’s) house where he will only ‘pay-pay’ (play) and won’t go to ‘kool’ (school ) and amma (mom) wont go to ‘oppich’ (office) either. He’s excited about seeing all his cousins and pachies (aunts) and of course his grandparents. It’s our first trip out by ourselves and hopefully the beginning of many more travel dventures for us. I don’t know what to expect and I’m very excited and slightly nervous too but I’m pretty sure we’ll be alright.

This morning, I woke Pickles up at 4am to catch the flight at 7. I wanted him to experience the journey instead of passively being carried asleep. He woke up all excited and chattered away on the taxi ride to the airport. We had a tiny breakfast of one idli and we were ready to board. He was happy to be on the flight too and exploring all the seats and the reading material. He had a few biscuits and some water during take-off and then promptly fell asleep. My cabin bag is full of stuff to keep him busy on the flight (books, toys, crayons, stickers, snacks and everything else you can possibly think of). Now that he is asleep, I realsied I didn’t bother getting any reading material for myself at all! I wasn’t hoping to get any time for myself! But I did and it was great, doing nothing by myself for a while. So, it has been a great start to our vacation and hopefully, the rest of the trip is just as good!

P.S.: As I was tying this out on the flight, Pickles woke up but we had a fun time still and was a good reunion with family!

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