Saturday, November 28, 2015


I spent a quiet evening at the beach with my little man. It was eye-opening to see the little kid in me, that even I didn’t know existed come out and play. We started to play in the sand, making little mountains at first  and then we made castles, with Pickles helping me dig the sand and fetch as much sand as I needed. And I realized I haven’t had so much fun in a very long time. We worked in silence, Pickles and I, no longer just mother and son. For that moment, we were playmates, as equal as we'd ever be. We laughed and clapped our hands in glee, together once we were done. Not because of what we had created but because of what we had shared. And the joy that I saw on his face was only perfectly reflected in the broad grin on mine. 

I came back feeling more relaxed than I have been in a long time and wondering why we don’t do this more often!

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