Friday, November 20, 2015

Of balconies and outdoorsy places

I’ve always had a fascination for balconies. I’m talking about the slightly outdoorsy places at home that can be a common man’s private garden, laundry drying space or a relaxing corner,based on who you ask.

Growing up, we lived in an apartment with a balcony. It was a small 2 bed room apartment where I lived with my parents and 3 sisters. When we were kids, my parents of course had grills put up in the balcony for obvious safety reasons.  In my school days, I remember during exam times, each of us sisters had a specific place we’d prefer to study in. Mine was the balcony. I spent a lot of time in that little haven and maybe that has something to do with my liking of balconies. Once we were older, for need of extra space, the balcony was then converted to an extra room by putting glass windows all around. But that room was still my room! It was still outdoorsy since you just had to open all the windows. But it wasn’t a balcony!

When I moved to Singapore, the initial couple of places I lived in did not have any outdoor space at all. It is not very commonplace here for houses to have balconies. So, I’ve lived all this while without the joy of a balcony at home.

Now, when we were house-hunting, we came across a few places with balconies and now suddenly it is on my list of priorities. In my head, I already see myself enjoying my morning cuppa (on weekends at least) or a late night drink with R. I look forward to sitting and having long conversations with R with  the breeze blowing away the daily exhaustion. I look forward to growing my own little herb garden (I have one but nowhere near to what I’d like). I also look forward to putting my feet up and some long hours of relaxing reading in the evenings. Fingers crossed, I hope I can even find a nice little house attached to the perfect balcony. I’ll keep you posted.

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