Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's amazing how things change as your perspective changes. You brood about a little problem for so long that it seems huge and along comes a bigger problem and you forget all about the little thing.
I've been constantly surprised at myself about how I react to the same problem differently, depending on what else is on my plate at that particular moment. When I keep complaining about my little silly problems, I chance to look at people who have bigger life issues and I feel silly about even mentioning my little inconveniences.

In the same vein, we never appreciate it when something is available readily. Suddenly when it's no longer present, we begin to look at it in a new light. Like the blue sky we started to appreciate and miss only after the haze took over the skies.

It's all about perspective. I wish it was always possible to look at things in a positive light, just by wearing magic glasses or something!

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