Sunday, November 8, 2015

And Sunday is over just like that

Its 11pm and I have no idea what my post for today is going to be about. At least the Sundays were off during the April challenge! This is proving to be harder than I thought. Today's post is going to be super random.  I'll have to put in a bit more to make sure this doesn't happen again tomorrow!

At work, think about the weekend and smile, think TGIF, work, plan for things to do during the weekend, work, have lunch, talk about plans for the weekend, work, smile again, TGIF, procrastinate a little bit, slack a little, finish all correspondences, indulge in a quick drink with friends before you head home, do all the usual weekday night routines, plan to watch a movie after Pickles goes to bed, doze off with Pickles, wake up and look at clock, too late to do anything else, plan to wake up for a run in the morning, just go back to sleep.

Wake up late, feel guilty, make breakfast, play with Pickles, on no it's lunchtime, do chores, bake a little, chores, shop for the week, plan to watch a movie, doze off 10 minutes into the movie.

Wake up feeling lazy, play with Pickles and's Sunday night already!

Where the hell did my weekend go?

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