Wednesday, November 25, 2015

And we found it!

A sweet little place to call home. It's not rich, it's not new but it feels like home. And with a little balcony overlooking a busy road.

We looked and we looked. We saw so many apartments in the last few days. Some were a straight no-no to both of us,  some places appealed more to him and others to me. Some places promised quiet resort-like stay but we thought we'd never wake up in the morning without any bustle. Some places were too posh and too plasticky, I'd never be able to call it home. Some were too full of furniture and some were devoid of any. Some just didn't have any balcony and I'd turn it down outright. Some kitchens didn't have place enough for two people to stand in. We thought we'd have to keep looking forever at this rate, but then one easy thought solved the day. Any place we'd go to see we'd picture ourselves living there. And so we found this place. I could totally picture Pickles running around in the ample space, watching outside the window from him crib looking at the vehicles on the road. I could picture myself cooking and baking in the modern yet quaint kitchen with ample space. We pictured sharing a drink in the balcony too but I'd told you about this before. R saw that there was good parking space (we all have different priorities.) and ways to get in and out of the place. It has good facilities, a pool, a gym, a garden and a playground. We ticked all our checkboxes and then gasped! This was the place.

And so, we've just signed the contracts. We'll move come end of the year. But whether all the things we pictured will come true, time will only tell.

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