Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I have faced all kinds of discrimination so far. I’ve been discriminated against for being from a certain country, of a certain colour, of a certain race and even of a certain sex. And lets just say I’m used to it now. I was shocked, hurt and even heartbroken at times. But I’ve learnt to be thick skinned and to an extent, I almost feel sorry for people with such narrow minds.

For the first time, I was discriminated because I had a child.  A certain landlord refused to let me even view his flat once he found out I had a kid. Until then, he liked my profile. I tried to reassure the person that I was quite firm about certain things around the house and I would take responsibility for anything that happened to the house. Then I decided that it was not worth spending my time and effort convincing such people and it was better that we go our separate ways.

I don’t think I would be happy living in a house owned by such a person. I would worry too much and try too hard to change your impression of people with kids!  I’ve done this with other things as well, trying to beat the stereotype. But nah, it’s just not worth it!

I shall remember to add this to my list of things to ignore!

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