Monday, November 23, 2015

How to have a fun evening?

This is an episode of the Jackdaws but not continuing with the earlier series. But I'll continue the series soon. Really!

Shee: So, are we going to do this or what? Come on, you guys!

Vee : It’s easy for you to say! You don’t have anybody at home for a couple of days. You don’t have to lie.

Shee: But that’s precisely the point. There’s nobody at home! Which is why you should all come and stay over and we can all have so much fun!

Mee: But we can make french fries?

Shee: Are you kidding me? Absolutely! What’s a party without some food!

Vee: And can we have some beer too?

Shee: C’mon Vee, don’t push it!

Mee: Hmmmmm… I can tell my parents that we have some test tomorrow and I’ll study with you.

Vee: I’m gonna tell my aunt the same thing. Actually Mee, you should call my aunt. She likes you and she’ll believe you! Just tell her that I need your help.

Mee: Ok. Will do. But will you go home with me and ask my mum for permission. Just tell her that you need my help to study for tomorrow’s test.

Soo: Fine. We’ll all go.

Mee: No, no. Not everyone. Maybe only Shee. If mum sees all of us together, she’ll know in a second that we aren't gonna be doing any studying tonight.

Vee: Soo, how about you?

Soo: Oh, I’m covered for tonight. I’ll just say that Shee’s parents are  not home and she’s scared to stay home alone.

Vee: Wow! Just that? And your mom will say yes? She’s such a softie.

Soo: Yeah, that’s one good thing that comes out of being childhood friends.

Shee: Ok. So lets get to work then. We’ll call Vee’s aunt first and then Shee and Mee can go home and ask Mee’s mom for permission.

And that’s how the Jackdaws had a great fun evening together. They had some drinks (beer diluted with water, no less!) and french fries too. It’s a different matter that they got into trouble because they forgot to turn off the stove after they made french fries.

Fun days!

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