Friday, November 27, 2015

Hello, Andy!

I had told myself that I would finish the runaway series during this blogathon but I just haven’t been able to get to it. But, now’s a good time as any to start, no?

If you haven’t read the earlier posts, you can see them here.

The next morning, the girls woke up only by 11am. Aunty V had decided that they’d had too much excitement and had been kind enough to let them sleep late.  When they woke up, they saw that there was a visitor in the house. The girls quickly freshened up and went outside to meet the visitor, fearing for the worst.  Vee shrieked in delight as she saw the tall young man who was sitting on the couch and ran up to him and gave him a bearhug as he stood up and smiled. Seeing this, the others relaxed and assumed that this was not somebody to worry about. Vee introduced the visitor, Andy to her friends. He was one of her elder brother’s friends whom she had known for the longest time. He considered Vee as his kid sister and loved her like one.

After tucking into a hearty breakfast, the girls filled Andy in on all the details of the last couple of days.

“Wow!, you girls are having some fun, aren’t you?! You should write a book with all these stories”, he said.

Although he chided the girls for running away from home, he quietly acknowledged to Vee that he could see where all this was coming from. He knew Vee was a wild child right from childhood and was only mildly surprised that she had managed to find friends who were like her and were loyal enough to follow her on a mission like this. Aunty V asked Andy about what they should do next.

The girls cheered when Andy said, “I think the girls have been through a lot in the last couple of days. How about I take them out for a fun day? We can worry about what to do next later.”

Aunty V refused to let the girls out of the house. She told Andy that she didn’t trust them enough to let them go. But Andy assured her that he would take care of them and would take the responsibility. He promised to bring them back safely. The girls were super excited at the prospect of having a fun day with Andy and gently coaxed Aunty V to let them go. They promised her that there would be no more runaway episodes. After a lot of coaxing, aunty V finally relented and even returned some of their money (which she had confiscated, when they arrived) to have some fun. Vee gave her aunt a hug and then they set off with Andy.

Andy was a tall, dark and handsome young man who was funny and charming. He was one of those people who had dimples when they smiled. Although all the girls were fond of him, Shee had the biggest crush on him. Although she will deny it to this day, she was mesmerised by him. The girls had a lot of fun on that day. Andy took the girls out to watch a nice movie and they all went and had paranthas at a nice place. They enjoyed themselves and laughed so much that they forgot why they had actually come to Bangalore and the bigger problem that they were in. Later, when Andy dropped them off, a teary eyed Vee gave Andy a hug and he told her not to worry and that things would be ok. Today had been a good day. For now, all was good.

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