Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zoom

Yay! This is the last post for the challenge and I actually finished it!

My earliest experiences with photography involved a point and shoot film camera. It was limited in terms of the things you could do with it, the number of pictures you could take and not to mention, the financial issues (developing costs money!). And in spite of that, I would take pictures whenever it was possible. I was the official photographer for any family event that was not important enough to hire a professional photographer for. I took decent pictures and most of all, I was willing to take the extra effort to capture special moments and at the right angles. So that made me quite a popular photographer (with the family at least).

When we started earning money, R and I did a lot of research and bought ourselves a digital panasonic Lumix. It was one of the best digital cameras of its kind. We would take it out during vacations and play around with it quite a lot. We used it quite a bit before we decided to take the plunge to get ourselves a D-SLR camera. Finally, as a combined birthday gift (R and I have the same Birthday month), we decided to buy a nice and expensive Nikon D-SLR. We were super excited when we bought it and started experimenting with the different things it could do. Somewhere along the way, R started to lose interest where as I continued to pursue photography as a hobby. Since R was not that interested any more, I got sole ownership of the camera now.

From then, I started a special relationship with my camera. We went to several places and did a lot of things together. The zoom lens will always be special to me because it was the first lens that I bought together with my camera. After all that experimenting, I got pretty good at taking pictures of people and nature. What is more was that I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures, although I did not so much enjoy the post-processing so much. I always believed that if you take good pictures, you don’t need to process them much for them to actually look good. And then somewhere along the way, we lost touch (my camera and I)! In between my thesis writing and my pregnancy and having Pickles, I pretty much lost the special relationship.

Once Pickles came along, I tried every now and then to take his photographs to record all his major milestones. I probably haven’t done a very good job for the last one year, thanks to all the exhaustion and sleepless nights. But now, I am looking forward to reviving the relationship with my camera again. If this A-to-Z blogging challenge has taught me one thing, it is that I can find the time to do stuff if I really want to. 

I hope that I can take my camera out of it’s dry cabinet more often now. And you'll probably see for yourselves if I do. Wish me luck!

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