Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Wish

So, Sayesha, Shub and I decided to do something special for W. We decided to do a common word, Wish with each of us making a wish/es for another's kid. I'm writing this for Shub's little A. Shub has written this for lil Xena and Sayesha has written this for Pickles. So here goes..

Dear Little A,

You're very lucky! I hope you know that. Lucky that you were born to very loving parents who'll let you grow as a person and will stand by you every step of the way. Someday you're going to be old enough to read this and understand what I'm saying. And that day, I wish that you have all the things that I wished for, as a young lady but couldn't have and so much more.

I wish that by the time you read this, you're a strong, confident and bright young woman just like your mum. I wish you have a lot of good friends but also a few great friends who'll have your back, no matter what (that is something I had, yes!). I wish that you be fearless and more so that you don't need to fear anything. I wish a different world for you than the one I had when I was growing up.

 I wish that you don't have to say you can't do something because it's not safe for women. I wish that your parents don't have to stop you from going for a run at 11PM. I wish that one day, you can just pick up your backpack and travel wherever you want to (or ride your bike, if  you choose to), just by yourself. I wish that you can travel the world. There is nothing like travelling to teach you important lessons about yourself and the world that you live in.

I wish for you, an equal society, where you are not discriminated against, because of your sex. Where you can do what you wish, how you wish and whenever you wish it. A society that doesn't burden you with rules of double standards and hypocrisy. A society where you can rise to the top without having to pay a price at any point, for being a woman.

I sure hope that the men from your generation know that they have to play a big role too (only a few good men from my generation will agree). Not to protect you, hell no! (If all men understood that, you wouldn't need to be protected at all). Just to respect you and treat you as equal, just as another human being. And I sure as hell hope that I can raise my son to be one of those men!

And more than anything else, I wish a world of peace for you. One where you can travel where ever you want and not have to think twice about it.

Aunty M

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