Saturday, May 2, 2015

Slowing down

So, we are all set to go on our first holiday with Pickles. Although it is a simple one in a lot of ways, R and I are a bit nervous about it. We picked a place that is a short journey from here, it is only a 3-day trip and a place well known for it's management. Hopefully, no surprises there.

Ever since we have planned this vacation, I have been making a mental checklist of sorts. I have been telling myself that I must use my camera after the long hiatus. That I must read some more of the book that I've been reading and try to maybe, finish reading it too. Then of course, I want to spend quality time with Pickles, show him the beach and share this new experience with him. Of course I want to swim a lot too, with Pickles no less. And then I even caught myself hoping that I would get to have some long-awaited conversations with R during this trip. And yes, I want to write a little too. And I have gone on and on. And of course, it started to stress me out. So many expectations!

And then I decided that 'Wait!, this was supposed to be a holiday. Shouldn't I be more relaxed about it?'

So yes, *breathe* we're going in the relaxed mode for now. We'll take things as they come. Lets see how that goes. See you on the other side!

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