Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for Uncategorized

Just to give you an idea about what was churning in my head, all day, yesterday. Read at your own risk!

U is for U2, the first thing that came to mind before writing this post. Did I tell you I love them?

U is also Unbreak my heart,which was playing on loop in my head yesterday while thinking of a word for U. And just to be clear, I'm not very fond of that song. It's just that the word 'un-break' bothers me.

U is for University where I had the most fun of my life.

U is for Urvashi theatre, where I watched movies in college, after bunking lots of classes.

U is for Ugly duckling, which I always was. I don't know when the transformation will happen. I'm still waiting.

U is for Unsolicited advice, that I don't take well to. Sure, go on all you like. I might even nod and humour you but it doesn't mean I will take it (your advice, I mean).

U is for Unspoken rules, the ones, which you should always adhere to.

U is for Urban Bites, which is one of our favourite haunts for middle eastern fare, which reminds me, we haven't been there in a while.

U is for UK (Upahaara Kendra, not United Kingdom), which reminds me of their mouth-watering dosas.

U is for unlimited. I can go on and on with this post, the list for U in the dictionary is huge.

U is for Unintentional, if this post gave you any grief.

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