Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E: Escapades of the Jackdaws

I was toying with the idea of using E to write an excuse of a post. It has been a long and tiring day and the motivation to go on is low. And then I figured it is a good time to get started again on the runaway series.

Over the next few days, the girls got back most of their freedom. Maybe it was the inclusion of Andy into the picture, but Aunty V seemed to be more forgiving and friendly even. She let them have some fun on their own, continuing to happily cook their meals for them. The girls spent the next few days just whiling away their time in Aunty V's house. Vee and Mee were allowed to go out and meet some of their old friends. All the time, they were wondering what would happen of them in  the next few days to come. But that did not stop them from having the time of their lives. Eventually they ran out of almost all their money and were wondering what to do next. After much deliberation, it was decided that Soo and Shee had to go back home now. But they didn't have money to buy their fare and they didn't think asking Aunty V or the winker was an option. Their parents would be worried silly if they did not go home in time and add more complications to the already complex situation.

Shee had an uncle and aunt who lived in Bangalore. Lets call them Kaka and Kaki. They had two children who lived with them. Shee made a call to her dad telling him that she was in need of some money and her dad immediately asked her to go and see Kaka. And so the girls decided to go pay them a visit.

Now Kaka was this huge man who always thought for a while before he said anything and probably thought a lot more before he did anything and especially when that something was for someone else. Kaki was way shrewder and wasn't too fond of Shee. Kaka and Kaki however, doted on Mee. In their eyes, Mee was a star pupil who would rub off her habits and maybe her distinction on their children. The girls met Kaka at his office and he drove them to his home to a hot meal cooked by Kaki. After lunch, came the uncomfortable questions about what they were all doing in Bangalore and the like. The girls thought it was best to fib their way out of this one and they did just that. At the end of the day, they walked out of there with slightly heavier pockets that would take Shee and Soo back home.
The girls stayed up all night making promises to stay in touch and help each other in whatever way they could.

The following night, with heavy hearts Shee and Soo took the train back home. Vee and Mee went to see them off at the railway station. After saying tearful goodbyes, Vee and Mee walked back to the auto stand wondering what they ought to do next. The relatives would be here soon and they had a lot of explaining to do.

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