Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This is a guest post from my friend, Pizzadude. Being a foodie, he has written about one of the things he loves and knows best, food!

As far as I can remember, food is something which always fascinates me. Especially more if its some sort of “exotic” food. Growing up in a south Indian middle class family in Bangalore in the 80~90’s era meant that the only exotic food that I got to eat was paratha and palak paneer, during one of those rare moments when we went to eat at a North Indian restaurant (Omg, so exciting! I don't know what to order). As time went by it became more common and I think I lost interest in paratha and palak paneer very soon. 

I think it was also around that time that international flavours started appearing on the restaurant menus. I still clearly remember walking in to KFC with my friends and having my first taste of a vegetarian burger. Yum yum! This was soon followed by a slice of pizza and I was definitely hooked onto the latter. However, I hardly got a chance to eat it again almost until a few years later. Pizzas were expensive in the late 90's, especially more so for someone who got Rs. 300 as pocket money to last an entire month. 

I think its only after I started working that I ate pizzas (and other "exotic" food that I could get my hands on) a lot more regularly. Moving to Singapore also helped a lot to increase my exposure to exotic food as such. Over a period of time, some of the foods & flavours that I experienced have left such a lasting impression on me that I consider them as my all my time favourite foods. I thought of naming some of these food items which are very close to my heart. Here's a short list (gosh, I really love to make lists):

1. Pesto
Words don't do justice to my intensity of feelings towards this magic paste. It always manages to uplift my mood. I eat it it slathered on a slice of bread or chappati or by adding a dollop of it on my pasta. If I could marry pesto, I would have. By now, Sayesha is probably singing Pesto deewane, aha!

2. Pad thai
The first time I had it in was at Bangkok and that defined a whole new set of flavours that my tongue had not experienced. Its a must eat for me whenever I visit Thailand. In Singapore, I personally like the vegetarian version Thai express does (Pad thai Mangsawirat, if you are curious). Full of flavour and lots of vegetables!

3. Noodle soup
Oh, this is such a comfort food! Noodles, tasty broth and boiled vegetables. I also add a spoonful of crunchy fried onions. Love the flavour it provides. 

4. Pizza
My blog nickname is Pizzadude. Need I say more? :P

5. Brownies
Each time I eat one, I feel like singing, Yummy yummy yummy, I have got love in tummy :D The best I have eaten was at the small place in Bangalore, named Pizza Port. Shub introduced me to this place. Its a pity they are not open anymore. I really wonder from which bakery they got their brownies from. 

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