Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Trendy mess

There is this old Malay man, who works in my office as a cleaner. He is supposedly 78 years old and yes, he still works for a living. And he is always jolly and flashing his ready smile at everyone.  With a broad smile or a joke to crack or even dishing out random advice, he keeps us all entertained. He is fondly called Pachek (translates to ‘Uncle’ in malay)

After years of sporting poker straight rebonded hair, I was dying to go back to my natural curls. I finally went to this new hairdresser and chopped off all the straight hair and my hair was again curly although short. I finally had a nice ‘messy’ look which I loved.
Until, pachek took one look at me and said, ‘You still young. Why so messy? Must comb your hair.’


RR said...

Visualising the curly hair style .
It doesnt hv to b messy, tho.
Listen to the Pachek and comb it ok?

how come no dates on any of these blogs?

Maya said...

@RR: Will try to keep that in mind. And the dates are right on top of the post.