Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last leg

Today is my last day in San Francisco and I'm actually feeling bad about going back.  I've enjoyed every bit of this trip. I'm not looking forward to the long flight back but I am looking forward to going home. I've learnt so much on this trip. Thought i'd just share some gyan.

  • Girls really know how to have fun. It doesn't matter which country, culture or background they come from. Trust me, I think girls know how to have fun, much better than the boys.
  • Most people you meet are nice to you, as long as you are nice to them.
  • If you need help, you just need to ask.
  • Always make sure you travel with like-minded people who at least share similar interests. It helps.
  • There will always be a million ways to get from A to B. To find the easiest way, you have to ask other people!
  • There is such a thing as "too much shopping".
  • Don't judge people, not even random strangers. You know nothing about them.
  • No matter how much fun you have had on vacation,  you'll always miss home! I know I did.

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