Monday, September 10, 2012

Scotalnd - the land of food and drink- First impressions.

Scottish people are absolutely smashing! They are a great friendly bunch. Just as soon as you figure out what they're saying. It takes a while to get used to their accents, you see. Every single person you see will not pass you by without hurling a hiya or great day! your way. If you think that is just a formality, most people are eager to make conversation too.

The weather is to die for! At least now. It's summer. The sun is out but the breeze is cold. The evening air is chilly. Just nice for a pint of beer or a glass of single malt.

I just love the dogs here. Apparently, so do the scots. There are dogs pretty much everywhere. A husky in the park, a lab in the bus, a border collie in the departmental store, you name it and they're all here. Adorable creatures, of all colors and sizes. I will post pictures soon. The people are so proud of them, and for good reason.

They have a lot of national pride. Anything you pick up, the label says made in the UK. Nothing else, if you catch my drift. Their national pride shows. And if  you think bagpipes are a thing of the past, think again. The kilts and bagpipes are not in anyway obsolete.

The Scots have an awesomely wicked sense of humor. Will do a post on that soon.

The fish and chips are really something. So are the fried Mars bars :) They love their fried stuff almost as much as Indians. But then again, they love Indian food too! Apparently, you get the best Indian food in the UK in Scotalnd. I will let you know once I taste some. I am beginning to get sick of the fish and chips and sandwiches anyway.

As of now, loving it here. I'll be here for a week more. Will keep you posted. 

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