Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On my way to work this morning, I saw a young mother pushing a pram with a little kid. The kid must have been a year old or so. He stared intently at me. I smiled and waved at him. He still kept staring but didn’t wave back. His mother prodded him gently to wave at me but he refused to do so.
Soon I lost interest and moved on. And then something caught my eye. This other kid walking behind them, probably the younger boy’s brother, not much older than him. He was almost running to catch up with them. He was waving frantically at me trying to catch my attention. And when I looked at him, he waved at me and gave me his sweetest melt-your-heart smile. 
He was trying to say, “ Look at me. I am here too!”


Roopa said...

That was so cute and so very typical too.
It happens all the time with us give all the attention to the 'babies' and the 'big' ones feel so neglected.

Maya said...

Yeah, sometimes I think it is bound to happen because babies are cuter :)
BTW, that little boy is my friend now. He waves to me everyday in the morning and keeps waving as long as he can see me. ;)