Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is for you, V.

You ran away from home together, when you were still in school.
You committed all your first sins together like smoking your first cigarette and drinking that first beer.
You were a notorious twosome and they had many a nickname for you.
You know each other’s deepest darkest secrets.
You laugh at each other like there’s no tomorrow.
You call each other names that you would never tolerate from anybody else.
You don’t want to shop together because you know that you’ll end up liking all the same stuff and fighting over who buys it. Even when you don’t shop together, you end up with a similar wardrobe.
You can’t be any more different from each other, but you are still so much the same.
You really connect and can take off from where you left even after months of no communication.
You have so many memories together that you can’t even remember a life before you knew her.

She knows something is wrong even when you don’t mention it.
She’s your one-man cheerleader who also knows exactly how to cheer you up.
She has stuck by you through all your bad times and pulled you through it all.
She knows about all your unspoken fears, because she has the same.
She was mad when you left and 3 years later, she still gives you grief over it.

You don’t say it often enough but she knows what she means to you.
Only if you’re extremely lucky, just once in a lifetime you make a friend like that. I was lucky I did.

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