Monday, January 4, 2010

Of Friendships and Reconciliations

I spoke to a long-lost friend today. Actually, I met her online. We were very good friends during our college days and have spent some very memorable years together.  Somehow, we had a misunderstanding during our final year and we parted ways, still mad at each other. I’ve always thought of her fondly but never dared to say hi. Though there was many a time when I thought I should call her, I didn’t. Though I saw her online often, I never dared to say hi for the fear of being snubbed or something of that sort. Today, after 8 years, when I saw her online, I just couldn’t not wish her a happy new year. When she responded fondly too, I dared to say I was sorry, that I missed her all these years. And she said she was too. We didn’t even remember what we fought over. And we both realized how foolish we were and caught up like old buddies. And we realized that we had wasted 8 years. How I wish I’d done this earlier but I’m glad I did it nonetheless. Better late than never. :)
I just realized that it’s never too late to say hi to a long lost friend. Or to say “I’m sorry, lets forget what happened and go back to the old times again”.
And so I spent the day calling old friends, people with whom I’d lost touch. And I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful feeling it is to know that the bond is not lost, not even faded. That was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Long distance calls to friends, I’ve decided are the best things that money can buy.
I’ve made some friends in the last two years who I’m really glad I met. And we have such good times together like we’ve known each other forever. I know that though we may all go different ways one day, but I’ll make sure I keep in touch. If I do one thing this year, that’s what it’s gonna be.
Like someone said, “ Make new friends but keep the old. Some are silver but others are gold”.
Here's to wonderful friendships, old and new … *clink*

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