Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tracking changes

True to my word, here I am before the week is over with another post. For those of you who already kicked my ass (almost!), thanks but not yet, not this week at least.

Pickles turned two a couple of months ago and I'm so amazed by how many things have changed over and over from the time he was born until now. Actually, it's almost scary how much he has changed in the last few months! As much as I try to hold on to his baby-ness, this new toddler in my life is so much fun too. And although his neurons are making new synapses at an alarming pace, mine seem to slowing down all the more. So, I decided that I must chronicle all I can, before the phase is gone and long forgotten (or not!).

How he's moved on from almost no communication to being so assertive, is quite incredible! His love for diggers and vehicles has stayed on though. Starting with making sounds like ‘grrrr’ to describe them, he moved on to ‘ekataka’ and now he can actually say ‘excavator’ with so much poise, it makes me laugh. Although he can say truck perfectly well, he still says bugga bugga sometimes and I feel that he does it consiously just to appease me and let me know that he’s still my little baby. He still can’t say his R’s, so there’s still that and some fun words include mana-mana for banana (although it is mannana now), ungy (hungry), tain(train), ambela (for umbrella), kool (school) and many others.

The mobility! My baby has come a long way from the kicking to crawling to the unsteady gait. Now it is running all the way. I still can keep up but I know it wont be long before he’s out and about without me.

Gone are the days when he would wear anything that I liked. Now he wants in on any decision concerning him. He wants to choose his clothes, his toys and everything else. Its another matter that he also has strong opinions on what color I should or shouldn’t wear. As long as he says Pitty pitty amma, I’m happy most times to comply.

The new streak of independence is pretty remarkable too. Pickles insists on doing things by himself and good luck to me if I decide to so something that he doesn’t want done. The tantrums havent started yet but I can smell them in the air.

From terrible twos to threens and whatnot, I know soon I’ll be sad that my baby is off to college. I sound like every mom when I say, ‘Slow down, my baby. Let me just hold you a while longer!’

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