Monday, July 27, 2015

Pintsized wit

Pickles and I go to the children's playground every evening. It is our special time together.
We've made lots of new friends in the last few months. I am always amused by some of the thought processes of these kids. 

Overheard at the children's playground.

Kid 1: I'm superman!
Me: Ok. then Pickles is Batman.
Kid 1: No, he is not!
Me: Why?
Kid 1: He cannot be Batman. You can be Batman.
Me: But why?
Kid 1: Because you are Batman
Me: Oh, and he?
Kid 1: He can be Robin!
Me: Ok. But why?
Kid 1: Because Superman and Batman can fly. Robin cannot!

Continued with the same kid on another day
Me: Hello, Superman!
Kid 1: No, I'm Batman.
Me: Why?
Kid 1: Beacuse Batman can also fly.
Me: But, Batman cannot fly. Only Superman can.
Kid1: How do you know? I saw on TV.
Me: I saw on TV too. Batman cannot fly.
Kid 1: On my TV, Batman can fly! Your TV is spoilt!

Kid 3: Can you wait for a while longer? There is still some bubble solution left in the gun.
Me: It's ok. Leave some for tomorrow.
Kid 3: Oh! I'm not sure I will come tomorrow!
Me: :/

Kid 4 played with Pickles' ball and his truck and his bubble gun.
Me: Oh! Pickles has to go home now. Bye!
Kid 1: Can you bring his guns tomorrow. I like playing with guns.
Me: Oh! Pickles has no guns. Why don't you bring your own?
Kid 1(Totally ignoring my question): Just bring whatever toys he has. It's ok!

Kid 5 played with Pickles and his ball for a while.
Kid 5: I'm bored now. Lets play run and catch now.
Me: But Pickles is too little. He can't chase you.
Kid 5: But you can! Let him play with his ball and you can chase me.

Me to Kid 6: Hello there!
Kid 6: Hello! My name is xyz.
Me: Hello, xyz! His name is Pickles.
Kid 6 (totally ignoring an excited Pickles):But what is your name? I want to be friends with you!
Me: Oh ok. My name is Maya. Now can you be friends with Pickles too.
Kid 6: He is too little to be friends with me.
Me: How old are you?
Kid 6: Four!

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