Monday, September 27, 2010

Totally in awe!

I’m posting this just as soon as I managed to pick up my jaw from the floor.
Yeah, I am still at the conference and still feeling incredibly insignificant.
Some thoughts on today’s experience:
  • The weather was so amazing today. It took so much effort to get to the conference site without making a detour.
  • How the hell do some people get to be so incredibly smart?? It really beats me. Some of these scientists are amazing people, or should I say amazing thinkers (what kind of people they are?? I really can’t say). Their thought processes are really amazing. I know I’m saying “amazing” too many times, but that just gives you an idea about how amazing they are.
  • How the hell do some people get to be soooo good looking and sooo smart as well?? Some scientists can be damn good looking (total eye-candy). It’s a pity I couldn’t really concentrate on what they were saying for some time because of just that.
  • Some people are so so so smart. I’m so in awe. Can’t you tell? I was totally blown away by some of the work presented today. I wish that someday I could be half the scientist that these people are.
  • Was impressed by this Japanese student who presented his work to 1000 scientists from all over the world, inspite of speaking very little (read bad) English. He couldn’t understand what people were asking him but he was so cool and kept laughing at himself (together with the audience). I thought he had so much guts to do that. Really!
  • Some ideas presented today were really great. I could mention specifics but that may be too boring for some. How people can think of such things is really something I can’t fathom for the life of me.
  • Indians make great speakers. I thought the Indian scientists made great presentations and were incredibly smart too. I’m not biased when I say that today’s most impressive presenter was an Indian. It may sound silly but it makes me proud. 

Witnessed some great scientists present some great science. All in all, a very productive day!

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