Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It so happened that a colleague of mine came back after a long vacation and she looked  (lets just say) different. She originally had non-existent eyebrows and today, there was this nice design on her forehead. Turns out that she had eyebrows tattooed onto her forehead. “Nice plan’, I said, smiling at her. I wish it had stopped at that.

When I complimented her on her nice eye-make-up, she coolly told me, “No, it’s actually a tattoo too and it’s permanent. Now I don’t have to wear eye makeup everyday and still look pretty.” She had actually gotten even her eyeliner tattooed on her eyelids. That had my eyes popping out of their sockets.  Though she did admit that the process was extremely painful, I’m not sure she mentioned it was worth it. She told me it was so painful that later that night she had to be taken to the hospital for pain medication.

I know I have a tattoo too. So, I can’t really be the one to be commenting on my friend’s tattoo, so what if it is in a “sensitive” place. I guess it is a personal choice to decide what is “ok” for you and what is “extreme”.

I know it was her choice and her suffering but I was really shocked. What if the person doing it missed or had a shaky moment? The lesser risk would be that you would have bad eye make-up for the rest of your life and worst case your eyes could get damaged. I am really glad that it didn’t happen to my friend but I couldn’t help but wonder, where is the line? Just how far are you willing to go to look good?

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