Monday, December 21, 2009

Quirky Tales

This colleague of mine has a really peculiar habit. She stands next to her desk while reading from a really heavy book. She says she finds it uncomfortable to sit and read for a long time, so she’d rather stand. Yeah, I thought it was weird too. Then I started thinking about the weird little habits that most of us have and I actually came up with quite a list.

  • I know R has this thing for gizmos. He can’t stand to see any of them being either misused or dirty. He religiously cleans up the screens (or any part that looked different (read clean) when it was bought…like his bike, computer monitors, keyboards, phone screens, ipod and my microwave and blender too. It does not matter if he has not bathed in two days but his gizmos will be clean (mine too).
  • My friend, who is a smoker has this quirk. She says that she cannot go to the loo in the morning if she does not smoke a cigarette first. She says this is true for most smokers…Well, now I find that strange. What does smoking have to do with your bowel movements?
  • I used to have a friend back in college, who would always wear the same green trousers on all days when he had an examination, even if the exams were on consecutive days. He said if he din't wear them, he would do badly (Or so he believed!)
  • I know this person who puts a finger to her chin whenever she is supposed to be thinking. She’ll say, “Let’s think” and there goes the index finger to her chin. I know a lot of us actually look up to stare into space to either remember something or to think of something. Are we actually hoping to find something there?
  • Yeah, I have several, one of which is that I cannot eat by myself. I will go hungry but I cannot eat by myself at a restaurant or a canteen. I am a stickler for time. People say I give them a hard time even if they are late by a few minutes. But I say, if you don’t value your own time, at least value mine. I definitely do. I cant stand people who think 5 minutes = 15 minutes, no explanations given.
I guess we all have our little quirks. We are unique, even in our weirdness. Now, whenever I see my colleague standing and reading, I just smile to myself and keep walking.
So, what’s your quirk??

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